A Flash to the Future: SideKick’s Roadmap Updates

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5 min readMay 17, 2023


We’re thrilled to bring our community an exciting update on the SideKick roadmap, which is packed with developments that will shape the future of SideKick. In this blog, we dive into each milestone, highlighting the features and partnerships that lie ahead.

Everything in the roadmap is currently either in development or in the planning phase, meaning that exact dates can’t be given yet. But, as we tick things off, we’ll move on to the next project, which can help people have an idea of what is to come.

So, here we go…

SideKick Heroes PFP Project (July):

Around mid-June, we’re set to launch our SideKick Heroes PFP Project, which we’ve been working on with PFPDAO (an NFT design company). With this launch, we’ll also be implementing some new tools on our website to improve user experience and accessibility.

Firstly, we’re integrating Crossmint site-wide. We’re going to start with the PFP project so that people can purchase an NFT using Fiat and even store it in a non-custodial wallet.

Next up, we’ll be utilizing Wobble IO — a referral link system. This will also be used site-wide, including on JumpStart campaigns. But initially, we’ll be using it to create commission-based referral links to help build up interest around our PFP project and reward community members who are spreading the word.

With this project, we aim to revolutionize the way you engage with NFTs, providing seamless credit card checkout and secure custodial wallets.

Included in our PFP release are a ton of marketing initiatives that will end up benefiting SideKick as a whole. This includes a Discord overhaul, new competitions on Zealy, and a huge influencer marketing push on Twitter featuring exclusive artwork from PFPDAO. We’re hoping that we’ll be getting the SideKick name, plus our PFPs out to hundreds of thousands of Twitter users!

You can join the whitelist for our PFPs here, first 500 spots are guaranteed.

JumpStart Upgrades:

Similarly to the above, we want to continuously innovate and enhance our site to improve user experience. We’re in the middle of a complete UX refresh on the site and this will be ready to be released after thorough testing and checks.

New JumpStart UI preview!

The JumpStart upgrades will bring a host of exciting features, including the Wobble IO referral rewards links, plus NFT credit card checkout through Crossmint, which includes convenient and secure NFT custodial wallets with email integration.

Time Locked SK Staking:

We’ve always believed that loyalty deserves to be rewarded, which is why we want to introduce Time Locked SK Staking. This unique staking mechanism, inspired by Hex and other well-known vaults in the space, will allow you to earn a fixed APY of up to 300%, and also a share of 20% of JumpStart’s revenue based on your NFT holdings.

Prepare for additional perks such as Partner NFT Boosts — extra rewards for holding certain NFTs or tokens from our partner projects.

We’re still fine-tuning the details of this — so this overview may change as our ideas evolve.

Expanding $SK Utility through ecosystem partnerships:

We firmly trust in the power of collaboration, and to bolster the SideKick ecosystem, we’ve already been forging partnerships with esteemed platforms such as TheSpot.Money, Burnswap, BigGirlsRise, and Drip. These collaborations can be further developed to amplify the utility of $SK, opening up new opportunities and avenues within the broader DeFi landscape.

Expand to more EVMs:

Our quest for growth continues as we expand SideKick’s reach to more EVMs. We’re looking to integrate with Pulsechain, Base, Rootstock, and Chia in the next few months. By embracing multiple EVMs, we empower our users with greater flexibility and accessibility, ensuring that SideKick remains at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

SideKick Finance Merch Store:

For all our passionate SideKick enthusiasts, we’re bringing you something special — an exclusive SideKick Finance Merch Store! Stay tuned for an assortment of high-quality merchandise that will allow you to showcase your SideKick pride to the world. Once this is launched, you can also expect to see merch included in our giveaways.

SideKick AI Heroes:

The team has been blown away by the rapid development and advancement of AI tools. A few weeks back, we created SideKick AI Heroes, a collection of characters that were inspired by our original logo. Combining cutting-edge technology and the power of artificial intelligence, we want to officially introduce SideKick AI Hero NFTs. Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into this technology.

SideKick Forge:

We have an ambitious vision of democratizing blockchain technology for everyone. To realize this dream, we are actively seeking funding for SideKick Forge — a no-code solution for NFTs, tokens, staking contracts, and smart contracts. With your support, SideKick Forge will empower individuals and businesses alike to harness the potential of blockchain and Web3, without the need for extensive technical expertise.

SideKick 3D NFT Game:

Immerse yourself in a whole new dimension with the SideKick 3D NFT Game. Prepare for epic battles, breathtaking visuals, and unparalleled excitement as we combine the world of NFTs with immersive gameplay. Get ready to unleash your inner hero and conquer new realms like never before.

UX Refresh and Update for Headquarters and DefiWatcher

A while back, we created SideKick HQ and DefiWatcher dashboards for the community to use to keep track of SK token figures, along with other tokens in the space. Since then we’ve been super busy launching JumpStart and applying for funding, and now the tech (along with the design) needs an overhaul! We’ve got some big things planned for these products, but at the moment, they are just plans.

As you can see by our extensive roadmap, we have A LOT of things coming to SideKick. We want to thank all our Heroes who invested in our community in 2021 when we launched and are still with us! You all bought in so early, and there’s still so much potential for our platform. We hope you choose to join us on the adventure and hopefully, we pick up some new SideKicks on our way…

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