How NFTs are being used to build brands and increase business

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3 min readJun 23, 2023

NFTs are a hugely underrated tool. There are some amazing examples of how NFTs can create a brand new opportunity for people/businesses, and in this thread, we outline some of our favorites!

Starbucks NFT loyalty program

Image source: Starbucks

In January 2023, Starbucks launched theory first ever NFT loyalty program, Odyssey. Users can buy and collect NFTs and in return unlocks rewards, discounts, trips, and more. Their initial NFT collection sold out in just 18 minutes and they have since released special edition collections around holidays and occasions such as Christmas.

Snoop Dog Tour Diaries

Image source: screenshot from the Snoop Dog Passport website

Snoop Dog has recently released a set of NFTs to support his tour, which has been a big success in the crypto world. Fans can purchase NFTs that give them access to exclusive tour content and VIP experiences.

Bored Apre Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs

Image source: BAYC logo from NFT Now

Now, initially, BoredApeYC was just an NFT collection with perks, but they’ve used their NFT popularity and sought-after community access to build a brand and create a loyal customer base.

Their whole concept is that their NFT acts as a membership to gain access to something, like a ticket. For BAYC this includes highly exclusive merch, parties, and meet-ups.

Nike virtual trainers

Image source: OpenSea

Nike has released multiple NFT collections, acquired Web3 company RTFKT, and launched a range of IRL futuristic trainers! They’ve already made over $3 million in NFT sales and they’re not stopping there.

Sophie TEA Art

Image source: Nifty

Sophie TEA is an artist based in Sydney and London, who initially sold canvases of original and printed artwork. Sophie has since become a multimedia artist, exploring AI art, digital art, and sculptures.

Sophie released her first NFT collection in 2022 which sold out, despite most of her followers being new to Web3. Her NFTs gave limited edition art plus acted as tickets to IRL events.

Sophie is a great example of how artists can benefit from expanding art to the digital realm.

NFTs can provide a great way to connect with fans, create a new revenue stream, become more creative, and encourage loyalty.

We personally can’t wait for the launch of our own collection in July! Check out the details and sign up to the whitelist.



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