Huge airdrop coming soon — 1,000,000 SK

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2 min readApr 21, 2023

We’re super happy to share with everyone that we’ll be doing a HUGE airdrop on 12th June to celebrate our birthday!

Our community is our greatest supporter and has helped us get to where we are today, so we really want to reward them.

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is when a crypto project distributes an amount of currency straight into their chosen wallets. This might be NFT holders, people who have staked a token, or someone who holds a certain amount of a token. When a currency is airdropped it happens automatically without the receiver having to do anything.

Airdrop details

Amount: 1,000,000 SK distributed
Who receives it: SideKick Hero NFT holders (all versions)
Where: NFT Token Distribution Contract
When: To Be Confirmed

Reward Tiers:
500k SK to +Ultra Holders
300k SK to SuperHeroes
200k SK to Heroes

There’s still time to get involved! At the time of writing (20th April 2023) there are still NFTs left to buy. Heroes are sold out fully, and SuperHeroes and +Ultra have limited availability. If you want to purchase an NFT, please visit our campaign page!

This is just the beginning of the reward possibilities for our community. If we keep growing and more people use SideKick services or buy $SK, there are likely to be more rewards in the future.

Want to help us grow? Be our Hero and give us a follow on social and spread the word about SideKick!

(blog updated 7 June 2023)



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