SideKick update — HNW partnership, Refinery changes and JumpStart introduction.

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4 min readSep 18, 2022

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HNW Partnership

SideKick’s working relationship and official partnership with HNW is effectively over. We have no plans for any partnerships in the future, but we wish them the best of luck in the DeFi space!

*Although our partnership with HNW has ended, xSK and xHNW are still needed to optimise your Refinery account.*

With that said, we are 1000% focused on the future and we are focusing all our efforts on the SideKick Finance platform and ecosystem. We hope to bring excitement and hype back home by launching revenue-generating dapps that will help sustain and grow the Super Network!

Refinery update

We’ll be introducing a suite of updates to Refinery in order to weather this storm and keep the platform sustainable. We want to ensure we’re rewarding people who have been loyal and fully participated in the ecosystem while adding penalties to the ones who simply want to claim and drain the project.

These new introductions will be put into place next week, Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

Refinery Sustainability Updates:

  • Max payout lowered to 125% for the default xHNW level
  • Refiners will be subject to a claim penalty if they have more than 1 claim per 30-day period
  • 2 claims per 30 days and your APY is cut in half
  • Deposit Bonus BOOSTED to 20% PER DEPOSIT
  • 20% of ALL JumpStart revenue goes to HFUEL buybacks and locked liquidity for Refinery!
  • New xSK Level of 250k, new claim penalty of 5% and BOOSTED APY to 2% daily
New requirements for Refinery.

We’ve tried to make this as fair as possible and we hope this all makes sense. Updates will help the whole ecosystem thrive.

JumpStart introduction

According to the latest market research, global demand for crowdfunding and crowdfunding applications will grow to pass $28.2 billion by 2028. One of the biggest reasons for the success of DeFi is the concept of group economics. The ability to join monetary forces with other individuals online around the entire world with a few clicks of a button is revolutionary and truly has the power to transform the current financial landscape.

With JumpStart we will be able to take full advantage of this growing trend! Alongside other key players in the space like GoFundMe, Patreon, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we want JumpStart to be the crypto crowdfunding platform of choice on every EVM network!

This past year we’ve launched multiple tokens, dapps and NFT’s. NFT’s have been by far some of our most successful projects to date. SideKick fully believes the NFT market will keep growing at a record-breaking pace and specifically NFT’s with built-in utility and intrinsic value, like the ones we’ve been building for our network projects, are the future of the space. This is exactly why we’ve chosen to launch JumpStart!

JumpStart is a new cross-chain platform being introduced by SideKick Finance. It will provide a decentralised way to crowdfund any DAO, idea, business or goal through NFTs and smart contracts.

Being a decentralised dapp, anyone will be able to use the completely self-service platform and with its simplistic and thoughtful UI/UX can get a campaign up and running within minutes.

There is a huge demand for crowdfunding, and mainstream centralised platforms have been denying people from raising or collecting funds if their “cause” doesn’t align with the platform values. JumpStart aims to fill that gap and become a crowdfunding platform that breaks borders and barriers.

We’ll offer doxxing services and all campaigns will have access to our suite of partners and partner services, including audits, custom development, custom contracts and more!

The private beta is opening up soon! Could JumpStart be of use to you? If you think JumpStart might be a great way to fund your next campaign just fill out our form and we can walk you through the system with a hands-on 1 on 1 session with the core team. Book your 1–1 session with us.

Now for the juicy part, how does JumpStart benefit the current Super Network ecosystem?

Well to start, 20–30% of all fees collected from JumpStart will be automatically used to buy back HFUEL and added permanent locked liquidity to the Refinery ecosystem. We will also use % of funds towards SK buybacks and liquidity and we have tons of other ideas to help circulate funds and provide the ecosystem with a sustainable source of revenue.

We also believe JumpStart has the ability to help and pump any community that wants to partner. We have a few partners already lined up and with a simple whitelisting for mint fees, any ERC token can be integrated into JumpStart and allow campaigns to be created and fully raised in their community token of choice.

We are not only looking inward towards the current crypto community but also believe JumpStart to be a key tool to accessing traditional markets and liquidity and onboarding many traditional businesses and investors into crypto. Many small businesses and corporations have already started adopting or looking into NFT utility or investment for their business and this provides a perfect way to add them to your portfolio.

An introduction to JumpStart.

Please be sure to follow all our socials and stay tuned for updates and lots more JumpStart goodness!

Click here to get access to private beta and 1–1 session

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