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SideKick Heroes inspiration board — images subject to copyright.

On July 14th, SideKick Finance launched the much-awaited launch of its PFP NFT project on Ethereum, a professionally designed collection by PFPDAO. With 3333 distinct designs including 40+ unique traits and various rarities, this project promises an unforgettable journey for collectors and superhero enthusiasts alike!

PFP overview:

WL mint date: 14th July 2023
General sale: 15th July
Collection: 3333 unique PFP designs 40+ traits
Price: 0.05 ETH
Launchpad: sidekick.finance

Will You Own a Rare Design?

The SideKick PFP collection features a range of rarities, each based on superheroes that people know and love. While some PFPs will be more common, others will be exceedingly rare, making each acquisition an exciting surprise.

Collectors will have the thrill of discovering which rarity level their acquired PFP belongs to, with some designs destined to become highly coveted in the secondary market.

Trait breakdown

From least rare to most rare, their probabilities to be chosen and some trait examples:

Common 61.2% (tshirt, tracksuit, human)

Rare 30% (sword, transparent skin, fangs, grappling hook)

Epic 8% (gui, fire, jetpack)

Legendary 0.8% (diamond grin, luffy hat, lightning)

So, why superheroes?

Introducing the origin story of SideKick Heroes PFP…

Genesis: The Dawn of SideKick Heroes

This is a tale of two brothers, Cozz and Hitsu. Raised on a steady diet of anime, gaming, and comic books, they were more than just enthusiasts; they were dreamers, visionaries who saw beyond the ordinary.

Their favorite universes were those of Dragon Ball Z and DC Comics, where the extraordinary was the norm, and heroes were born from the most unexpected circumstances. Cozz, in particular, was a die-hard Batman fan, drawn to the Dark Knight’s resilience and unwavering commitment to justice.

Inspired by these worlds, they decided to create their own universe, a place where finance wasn’t just numbers and charts, but a thrilling adventure filled with heroes and villains, triumphs and trials, liberation and freedom. Thus, SideKick Finance was born.

The logo, a fusion of the iconic Dragon Ball Z and Superman symbols, was a testament to their roots. It represented the strength, courage, and determination that they wanted their heroes to embody.

Each SideKick Hero NFT is more than just a digital asset; it’s a piece of the brothers’ universe, a chapter in the ongoing saga of SideKick Finance. They represent the genesis of a new era, the dawn of a world where finance and fantasy intertwine.

As the SideKick Heroes venture forth into this brave new world, they carry with them the spirit of their creators. Like Batman, they are resilient, committed to their mission, and ready to face any challenge that comes their way.

This is just the beginning. The Genesis Arc is the first chapter in a story that is yet to unfold. As Cozz and Hitsu continue to dream and create, the SideKick universe will continue to expand, bringing with it new heroes, new adventures, and new opportunities for anyone willing to take the leap.

Join SideKick. Where heroes are born, and legends are made.

The power is in your hands…

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