SideKick Finance celebrates turning 2!

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3 min readJun 12, 2023

It’s officially our 2nd Birthday here at SideKick Finance. On this day, 12th June, 2 years ago we launched the $SK token contracts on BSC and started trading!

We always knew that we wanted to create not just a token, but a whole ecosystem. One that expanded frequently and that benefits all of our users, tokens holders, and NFT holders.

Since then, we’ve also introduced JumpStart, a Web3 crowdfunding platform that raises funds through utility NFTs. Its easy self-service setup and an automatic contract-creating wizard make it easy for anyone to set up a campaign. Plus, campaign owners and backers will benefit from the power of Web3 with chain-agnostic options, smart contract security, and an auto-refund process.

As our SideKicks will know, our Founder and Dev, Tyler (AKA King Cozz), has become a trusted name in the DeFi space and has lent his knowledge and services to other projects, including Gangster Finance, Signed Trade, BotGains, and more recently, the Drip network. This is why we’ve recently added a whole range of Web3 business services and consultations to our product range.

All of our offerings here at SideKick feed into one another and link together, ensuring that if one prospers, so will the rest — we really do want to make an amazing and thriving ecosystem!

But we’re not stopping there. If you want to see what more we have to come, read our latest roadmap updates.

Here’s a summary of our new roadmap.

We want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of the people who have supported us over the past 2 years. We want to say the biggest thanks to the people who backed us from the very beginning, which is why we’ll be distributing a collection of Founder’s NFTs for this group of awesome people.

What are the Founder’s NFTs?

  • Special thank-you gift to early contributors

Who gets one?

  • Any wallet that contributed to the SK MGE in June 2021

What perks do they have?

  • 50% off buy/sell tax

When will they be distributed?

  • You can expect to receive an NFT in your BSC wallet by July 1

That’s not all though. The people who bought one of our SideKick Hero NFTs from JumpStart will also be getting airdropped a percentage of 1,000,000 SK. You can find out more about that here.

Again, we just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been with us from the beginning. We’re not stopping. We hope you love what’s in store.



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